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Project Manager



Your Responsibilities and Qualifications


  • Analyze project scope and plan project
  • Allocate appropriate resources to complete the project

  • Analyze possible risks which can be occurred in all processes and plan to handle the risks in advance

  • Manage, track, and control all tasks and team closely to ensure project is completed as master project plan and timeline

  • Make project action plan and progress report.

  • Effectively communicate and coordinate with customers and internal teams

  • Solve problems occurred during project in order to keep progress follows master plan

  • Manage the project scope closely and ensure that changes or extensions are identified and handled reasonably

  • Attend project and make sure that result will meet customer expectation

  • Maintain good relationships with customers



  • 3 years or more experience in Digital production project management

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher in Computer science / Computer Engineering / Information Technology or related field

  • Strong problem solving skills and can lead development team

  • Strong leadership, conflict resolution, confidence and decision making skills

  • Strong communication and presentation skills

  • Application / Website development, graphics design, business analytical skills are considered as advantages

  • Good command of both Thai and English

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